Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make your website work hard for you

Does your website generate business for you. Here are some ideas to help make your website work harder for you.

  • Display your telephone number on your homepage. Ideally, put it in the upper right-hand corner. Position your telephone number in the same place on every page of your site.

  • Display the words "E-mail us" on your home page, just below your telephone number. some people like to call, others like to write.

  • Cloak ' your e-mail address, using ASCII character code, to stop spam. This can be done by a web development agency.

  • Include meta tags within the HTML of your website. This helps search engines find you. Note, however that not all search engines find you.

  • Provide useful, interesting content for site visitors. If your site simply tells visitors how wonderful you are, they are less likely to visit it than if you put something interesting to read and to recommend to others. The key is to produce significant amounts of new material on an ongoing basis.

  • You should not feel shy by putting offers in the website. The aim of this game is to get response, and offers do the tricks.

  • Place a e-newsletter in the website

  • Produce information products. Examples include a hints & tips' list or a buyer's guide. Offer them as free downloads in exchange for the recipient's contact details.

  • Set up links to other sites. This is not as altrustic as it sounds. Some search engines will rank you higher if you provide outgoing links, so your site will be more visible. Also visiters will see that you have done your homework and will appreciate being recommended to useful sites.

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