Sunday, February 14, 2010

Education Industry "A rising industry"

Education Industry "A rising industry"
The Indian Education Industry is in its development stage. Current public spending on education in India is 3.5% of GDP. The Central government accounts for 15% of the total expenditure while state government accounts for 85%. Today India's literacy rate stands at 61%.
   The number of junior basic schools are highest in the country & there is a strong need to set up higher secondary schools as well as colleges with a focus on IT education. The government has set up many ICT schools but still more than 50% of the market is untapped which shows an opportunity for private players. Trained teacher's & student's ratio is very low which claims the need of training institutes.
Indian Education System
Indian education system divides into two category.

  • Formal Education System
  • Informal Education System
FORMAL EDUCATION ( School & Higher Education)
  •   Under the purview of the ministry of Human Resource Development
  • Higher education comprises graduate/diploma/ Professional courses regulated by university grants commission(UGC)
  • Professional colleges must operate as not-profit institutes set up under a Trust/Society
INFORMAL EDUCATION ( Pre-Schools, Multimedia in schools & colleges, Coaching classes, Vocational training, Books)
  • Informal education system is free of any regulations
  • Not governed by any regulatory body

  • The Indian education market is expected to grow at 11% over the next 10 years. 
  • Pre-school, K-12 schooling & Higher Education will together represent 2/3rd of the market.
  • Multimedia in schools, child skill development , IT training & E-learning, preparatory & vocational studies are forecasted to grow in the range of 25% to 60% and will together represent 1/4th of the market.
  • Pre-school, Education, CD-ROM and child skill enhancement are likely to remain an urban phenomenon.
  • Teacher training is likely to grow at 40% to 50%.

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  1. yeh,thats great about your views on education industry.more for in this topic you miss the higher/graduate/post graduate education system.In my point of view they are a geeting a handsome income from commercialize education system.