Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making Competitor's RESUME

For making 'Winning strategies to prevail over tough competitors' you have to make competitors resume. If you are able to find answer the below questions for your each & every competitors then you will able to crack them out.

  • Who specifically are the competitors?
  • When do you compete?
  • What is their Business History?
  • Who are the principals and Key employees?
  • Where are their locations?
  • What business strategy & goals are they pursuing?
  • How strong is their financial performance?
  • Who are their most important customers?
  • How do they service & support customers?
  • What type of reputation do they have with customers & suppliers?
  • How do they perform essential marketing & promotional activities?
  • How do they sell their products? What are the channels to market?
  • What are their products?
  • What specific opportunities have  they won at your expense?
  • Why do they win business?
Once you got these answers then you will be able to make COMPETITORS RESUME/ PROFILE.
Kindly post comments if you have some better ideas or questions to add in this blog.

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