Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fear of Try

   I have interacted with many people and got to know a senti thing. Some People knows what to do, but they did not try to get that. This you can say the "scare of try" or "fear of try". If you know exactly what you want & the path to achieve it then why you are scaring to try it.

   So many people have this type of silly problems. They fear with the word "Try". According to them "Try" means :  "You might not get what you want to achieve". They started doubting their own capabilities. My question to them is " If you will not try then you will not achieve, result will remain same, then why you are fearing of failure??? If you will not try then possibility of out come is zero.

 I will suggest :
Stop doubting your capabilities-->stop fearing with the word try--> step out-->Try--> achieve it.


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  1. Its a nice suggetion for new struggler.who leave the battel field before try 4 that.