Saturday, January 1, 2011

Magnet is You ( Law of attraction)

It's a potent secret,also a very useful one...if only you know how to apply.The law of attraction can be summed up in three simple words "thoughts become things".If I sit down to say briefly,this one single law governs anything and everything in known and unknown simply says that,any thought that we harbour in our mind and nurture it immensely day-after-day,month-after-month,the object of our thought gets attracted to us,knowingly or unknowingly.When we create a desire in our heart for anything...when we present the list of our needs to universe,the law of attraction responds...and the time of response is directly proportional to the deepness of our thoughts and needs.But many of us fail to utilize this gift because of one simple reason...we are never clear in our mind about what we want,we divert all our energy to things that we DONT WANT rather than focussing on what we WANT.In case of this law...the energy of universe acts like the genie from aladdin's lamp,our task is simple...JUST ASK.
We always light a little fire in some corner of our heart in terms of our wish....wish for money,success,for a lovely girl,lots of fame but we never present the list,we never demand it from universe.Rather than giving fuel to that little fire,we let it die...saying that "it's not possible",and do u know what the genie says..."your wish is my command master".In this way our desires are never fulfilled ,because we never give them space to grow.The question now arises HOW?
As Einstein told once,imagination is more important than knowledge .....start imagining and visualizing "things" that you want...just close your eyes and live your dream.Try to visualise the world that you want to create for you,try to visualise the life that you want,visualize the girl of your dreams in your arms,and all these things will get attracted to you,you shall act like a magnet.

The world and universe as we know it,is the result of our thoughts and concepts that we bear in our psyche.Hence the energy in universe and energy of our thoughts are connected through LAW OF ATTRACTION....only if we dare to ask,the energy shall respond in some way or the other.We always give up hope because we never see the path or way of our desires turning into reality...thw law states that path is never clearly visible,hence focus on things that you want...path shall be created.It's just like walking a tightrope,if you focus on the farside of rope ,you'll lose balance so simply focus on next'll reach the other end,even before you know it yourself.
There's volumes and volumes written on this law,but I suppose this should be enough to make a head start. next time,be careful what you wish for,your wish may come true.

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